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Hire with Transparency

A Full Stack ATS with AI-Augmented Video Interviews

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For teams that need distinctive skill sets

BubbleHR’s AI analyses facial expressions, speech to text, and voice frequency to determine whether a person would add new energy to your team.

Recreating the interview experience online

Shows what skills are most relevant to your teams needs. Gives a video timeline of a candidate's career, your hiring manager gets the final say.

Make your hiring process world class

Design 2D video job ads the jump out at top performing candidates. Video impressions give a virtual review of what it would be like to work at your company.

Hire where it counts

An automated internal analysis tells you what skills you are missing, and how to find them. Benchmark the most important aspects of successful team dynamics.

Powered by

Recruiter's Portal

Intuitive, lightweight, easy to use.

Accessible Anywhere.

Optimized for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Devices.

Smart Scheduling.

Set up interviews without back and forth communication.


Ensure new hires have a simple, and easy first day.


Find best suited candidates that match your teams direct needs.

Semantic Sourcing

2D job ads

On demand Scheduling + Outlook & Gmail Calendar

AI Video Interviews

Smart Candidate Ranking

Self Onboarding + DocuSign


Increase productivity with perfect fitting people that will make your team successful.

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Re-engineering recruitment from its core roots.

Alex Desjardins

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Pang

Chief Operating Officer

Ray Liu

Chief Technology Officer

Jerry Zhang

Cheif Product Officer


When will BubbleHR be released?

BubbleHR Version 1.0 will be released January 2022.

Can I request early access to BubbleHR’s Beta product?

Yes, by signing up at the top right of our website.

How much does it cost to use BubbleHR?

BubbleHR is free to use until we release our main V1.0 product January 2022.

How does the AI analysis work?

With deep learning techniques applied to Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision, and Mel-frequency Cepstrum, BubbleHR encodes the psychological profile of the company and its current team dynamic based on I/O Psychology. Ensuring that growing teams have a balanced set of skills, experiences, and backgrounds to increase productivity in the workplace.

Will BubbleHR replace our current ATS?

It’s up to you, BubbleHR has all the functionality of a traditional ATS, but can also integrate with your existing platform.

What email interfaces does BubbleHR integrate with?

Office 365, Gmail, and Hubspot.

How often can we expect new features?

Every month BubbleHR will be rolling out 1 new feature to complement our growing platform.

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The universe is expanding, and so should your team.