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Virtual Job Reviews

Capture what matters most, spark candidate engagement.

A new era of virtual hiring has begun: BubbleHR lets people experience a job digitally before officially starting.

Employer Authenticity

Visually showcase what makes your team special.

Warm Welcome

Encourage candidates to explore company culture.

Deeper Insights

Automates First Impressions.

Simulates initial interview experiences by incorporating natural language and machine vision algorithms to objectively reduce confirmation bias, and increase diversity in hiring decisions.

1 getCandidateAssessment()
2    "candidate": {
3      "fullName": "John Doe",
4      "candidateId": "184829843",
5      "applicationId":"23982393",
6      "questions": [{
7          "questionId": "12849232",
8         "emotions": {
9             "enthusiasm": 48,
10             "confidence": 80
11         },
12         "reponse":{...}
13     },{
14         "questionId": "384934324",
15         "emotions": {
16             "openness": 83,
17             "confidence": 76,
18         },
29         "reponse":{...}
20     }]
21  }
Candidate Experience

“Employers should engage prospective talent by portraying content that is real, raw, and in the moment.”

- Carlos Gil, Award-winning Snapchat Storyteller

On the Cloud

Intuitive, lightweight, easy to use.

Replaces ATS
A simple transition to an Intelligent Recruitment System.

Smart Scheduling
Set up interviews without back and forth communication.

Ensure new hires have a simple, and easy first day.


Re-engineering corporate recruitment from its roots.

Alex Desjardins


Business Development and Marketing.

Fengwei Jerry Zhang


UX/UI Design and Full-stack Development.

Bülent Uyaniker

Data Scientist

Machine Learning and AI Development

Ray Liu


Cloud and Microservices Development


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