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About Us

BubbleHR's team is dedicated to powering successful hiring outcomes.

Our Philosophy

BubbleHR approaches AI assessments from a completely different angle by analyzing 'on-the-fly' video responses to yield metrics solely based on the relative changes of the subject. BubbleHR puts emphasis on algorithms to evaluate only the measurable characteristics of candidates which are strengthened through education, experience and other hard skills rather than collecting data on subjective and open to interpretation traits. By creating a fictional representation of the 'ultimate candidate', BubbleHR ignores even the slightest forms of bias compounding information to create a minimal but highly useful algorithmic analysis.


Re-engineering corporate recruitment from its roots.

Alex Desjardins


Business Development and Marketing.

Jerry Fengwei Zhang


UX/UI Design and Full-stack Development.

Bülent Uyaniker

Data Scientist

Machine Learning and AI Development

Ray Liu


Cloud and Microservices Development