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Recruiter's Portal

BubbleHR is an Intelligent Recruitment System that hires balanced teams.

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BubbleHR is an Intelligent Recruitment System that augments assessment data with video and diminishes bias to strengthen the accuracy of insights for small, medium sized, and enterprise hiring teams. Ensuring that growing teams have a balanced set of skills, experiences, and backgrounds to increase productivity in the workplace.

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Video Impression Management

The future of candidate engagement is here. BubbleHR's Impression Management System automates distribution of pre-loaded video clips to prospective candidates starting from first impression, to first day on the job.

Short Videos

Visually showcase what sets your employees apart from others.

Retain The Best

Assists candidates until they are ready to start their first day.

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Internal Assessment

BubbleHR first looks inside the organization to determine what traits and skills are present, and which are not. Benchmarking candidate’s unique skills and traits to find the best fit for each role.

Identifies Weakness

Analyzes skills and traits demonstrated in the workplace to find gaps.

Recommends Requirements

Starts you off with a list of suggested role specific requirements.

Video Interviewing

Traditional video interview assessments are broken and biased. Enforcing similarity to top performers closes doors to fresh ideas and new approaches, which may hurt a company in the long run. BubbleHR's video assessment places more value on people with highly distinctive traits that will bring 'new energy' to the team.

Video Camera
Chat Bubbles

Team Collaboration

Hiring decisions shouldn't be made by one person, nor should they be solely made by the interviewer(s). So BubbleHR lets you invite team members to participate in the assessment of shortlisted candidates.

Cross Examine

Discuss strengths and weaknesses of each applicant.

Draw Conclusions

Analyzes employer sentiment to re-rank candidates.

Green Checkmark


Onboarding is a major pain point. BubbleHR allows employers to upload and archive the required onboarding docs, which are then sent, monitored, and signed easily within a few clicks.

Manager Briefing

Helps management positively address general housekeeping.

First Day Prep

Show new hires what they can expect when they first start.

And more ...


Intelligent Analysis

We use Natural Language Processing, Machine Vision and Mel Frequency Cepstrum based on Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Balance scale

Balanced Teams

BubbleHR diminishes bias by focusing on the controllable skills of the candidate. Leaving out things such as age, race, and sex.

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A free digital resume for candidate's that apply through BubbleHR. Giving them the ability to walk away with something of value.


Smart Scheduling

Set up interviews without back and forth communication.

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Passive Outreach

Video automation to capture top talent attention.

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Internal Mobility

Find the best fit for a role within your current workforce.