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Release Notes

BubbleHR Recruiter's Portal v 0.7.1 is now available.

Recruiter's Portal


  • Shortlist and section jumper are now sortable.
  • Updated company settings page.
  • Various of UI and icon improvements.


  • The dashboard sidebar is now colla.
  • Login Page Restructuring.
  • Candidates are now able to login and signup.
  • SEO Optimization.
  • Jobs are now displayed on the public careers page.
  • Assessment page is now merged into Candidate card.
  • Slightly tweaked color scheme.
  • You can now set and update office location on the settings page .


  • You can now add, delete and create new Groups and Videos in the Impression Management System (IMS).
  • We have re-designed our website and the IMS for a fresher look.
  • We have merged login window with the domain page, so you can now log in to your portal with just one step.
  • We have updated many accessibility features, more to come!


  • The brand new Impression Management System is officially up and running!


  • Users are able to log out.
  • Fixed issues that were causing unnecessary redirection.
  • The system now knows which company you are from when you are logging in.
  • Version numbers are available on selected pages, so you know you are getting the latest update.